Framed glass operable partition
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Framed glass operable partition

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Framed glass movable partitions are a popular interior partition system that combines the aesthetic appeal of glass with functional flexibility. These partitions are made up of a series of glass panels held in place by a frame that runs along the top tracks.

The frames provide structural stability to the partition system, allowing for the creation of larger partition walls that can span considerable distances. This design also ensures that the glass panels remain secure, even in high-traffic areas.

Framed glass movable partitions are ideal for creating open and inviting spaces in commercial and residential settings. They allow natural light to flow through, creating a bright and airy atmosphere, while still maintaining privacy in areas where it is needed.

Some of the benefits of using framed glass movable partitions include increased sound insulation, ease of movement, customization options, and energy efficiency.

Framed glass movable partitions come in different styles and configurations, allowing for easy customization to meet specific design and functional requirements. Whether you need to create a dividers wall to separate a large room or to provide sound insulation in a conference room, framed glass movable partitions offer an attractive and practical solution.

Overall, framed glass movable partitions are a versatile and cost-effective option for creating a functional and visually appealing space. They provide flexibility in design while still maintaining privacy and sound insulation, making them an excellent choice for many commercial and residential applications.

Semi-Auto Double glazed type
It's the upgrade version of the double glazed glass operable partition, magnetic sealing strips embeded inside the vertical aluminum profile, make the contact more easy and tight. Double glazed plus the up and down retractable sealing structure ensure the superior sound insulation quality. narrowest frame maintain the largest visible view, integrate with premium type semi-auto system for the retractable system, greatly reduce the time for operating the panel.
1. Suspension system
The elements are equipped with premium track system, safe and silent, no need any lubrication or maintainence.
2. Micro electric motors
The double glazed system equipped with micro E-Motors for the retractable seals, which will retract and extend once the elements are contact together.
This system can greatly reduce the time for operating the partition, and it's convenient for future maintainence.
3. Retractable seals
The top and bottom retractable seals are controlled by the programmed micro motor, which can generate gentle force to pressure and seal completely, provide excellent performance in soundproof.
4. Contacts
Power is transmitted from element to element via the contacts, to control the sealing and the smart glass.
5. Element interconnection
New type of convex/concave locking with magnetic strips, clip on system which is convenient for future maintainence.
6. Corner sealing
Elastic corner pieces increase the stability and sound insulation
7. Double glazed with switchable glass (Smart glass)
Double galzed structure ensure the superior sound insulation quality, as well as the largest visible view, also it can equipped with smart glass which can immediately transform the surface of glass from clear to opaque with switchable privacy glass in less than 0.1 seconds, remote control, enjoy instant privacy at the flick of a switch.
SW600 Track System
Track system for right-angled configurations with cross-roller carries for element weight up to 500kg. Support rollers in the junctions guarantee easy operation when sliding the elements across intersections 
SW700 Track System
Casting aluminum trackc system for right-angled configurations with horizontal rollers for easy maneuverability of intermediate height panels
SW1000 Track System
Casting aluminum track system for ultra-height panels with mechanically guided heavy duty steel bearing roller plus curves and switches for maximum ease of operation
SW2000 Track System
Complete steel track system for ultra-height panels with mechanically guided heavy duty steel bearing rollers plus curves and switches for maximum ease of operation 
There are various types of elements combined a whole set of partition wall, suitable for almost any kinds of circumstances and setting. Not only the solid type but alos the glazing partition can do the same, even combining both glazing and solid together, to satisfy all kinds of unique design features and specification.
e-01.jpg e-02.jpg e-03.jpg e-04.jpg
Full Wall Element
Telescopic Element
Angled Element
Glass Element
e-05.jpg e-06.jpg e-07.jpg e-08.jpg
Double Pass Door
Single Pass Door
Fixed Full Height Pass Door
Glass Pass door
There are various of stacked options based on the room situation, all the panels can form a compact package to save spaces, followings are the standard parking solutions, there are more other special possibility for stacking the panels as well.
05_01.jpg Suitable for mono-direction, stacking the panels to one side, or distribute to both sides.
05_02.jpg Suitable for multi-direction, panels can only be stacked to one side.
05_03.jpg Suitable for multi-direction, panels can only be stacked to one side.
05_04.jpg Suitable for multi-direction, where the storage room is away from the main track.
For more options please contact us for solution according to your project.
Q1: What about the leading time?
Sample needs about 3-5 days, small quantity need about 7 days, big quantity needs about 10-20 days for order quantity more than 300 square meter, premium type and semi-auto type need about 25 days.
Q2: Do you have any MOQ limit for partition door order?
We produce based on the order, no MOQ required.
Q3: Do you provide installation?
We can provide engineers to the site for guidance, client will need to cover all the cost during the installation period for the
Q4: Do you offer guarantee for the products?
Yes, we offer 3 years warranty to the economic type and 5 years warranty to the premium type.
Q5: Sample policy.
Client should bear the cost of the sample and the freight, the cost can be deducted from the order.
Q6: How is the soundproof quality?
From 30dB to 55dB, depends on the specific requirements from your project, economic version mainly serve as room divider, sound proof performance is weaker than premium type.
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