Wooden Soundproof door
Wholesale studio soundproof panels, soundproof wood panels, decorative soundproof panels Factory
Wholesale studio soundproof panels, soundproof wood panels, decorative soundproof panels Factory
Wholesale studio soundproof panels, soundproof wood panels, decorative soundproof panels Factory
  • Wholesale studio soundproof panels, soundproof wood panels, decorative soundproof panels Factory
  • Wholesale studio soundproof panels, soundproof wood panels, decorative soundproof panels Factory
  • Wholesale studio soundproof panels, soundproof wood panels, decorative soundproof panels Factory

Wooden Soundproof door

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decorative studio soundproof wood panels Sound is often a problem within all kinds of buildings, we need not only to optimize the noise inside the room, but also need to block some unnecessary noise from another room. We can simply reinforce the wall to easily block the sound in between, but there's always a weak point from it, such as window and door. Music or videos from one room may bother people in neighboring rooms, studio work place require fully noise free space, meeting room require privacy etc. In this case, we can have a good performance soundproof door to solve our weak point in the aocustic room. Instead of the normal standard hollow-core interior passage doors, it can greatly reduce the sound transmitted from one room to another. The design of the soundproof door is not always be dull, we can customize manufacturered according to the specific design to make it comply with the existing interior style.


Fireproof (Fire-Rated) Acoustic Door

Steel Fire Doors are mainly used as human passing door of factories, commercial and residential buildings. For areas with requirement of fire protection, it can effectively stops spreading of fire and facilitates escape of human.

decorative studio soundproof wood panels

Fire Rated Steel Doors meets the requirements of fire-resistance stability, integrity and insulation

within a certain period of time. It is located in the fire prevention section, evacuation stairway, vertical well and other fire-resistant compartments with certain fire resistance.

In addition to the function of ordinary doors, fire-rated doors have the effect of preventing the spread of fire and the diffusion of smoke. It can prevent the spread of the fire in a certain time and ensure the evacuation of the personnel.

Product Characteristics

Soundproof door. All our soundproof doors are made of high quality materials and standard sizes. We can provide you with a variety of high-quality wood jute doors at competitive prices. Soundproof doors are used to block noise from entering the space. We can customize your soundproof door according to your requirements; Wooden soundproof door is one of the best-selling home decoration products in our online shop. Wooden doors can be used in offices, residences, apartments and any other places to add a new look and feel to the cabinet doors. The door is durable because of the high quality materials used to make this product.

1. Wooden soundproof doors are suitable for your room, large windows or balcony. It has good sound insulation function and can effectively reduce indoor and outdoor noise. In addition, it has a beautiful appearance, which can make your room more warm and comfortable. Sincerely hope to bring you different visual enjoyment and improve your home decoration quality.

2. Wooden soundproof doors are specially designed for family life. It can reduce the noise outside and the sound of your family interacting indoors. The soft texture of the wooden soundproof door makes you feel more comfortable. The perfect choice for your home; Sound insulation is a good way to reduce sound and moisture entering the home. Sound proof door is a perfect solution for sound insulation, reducing pressure and improving quality of life. This beautiful interior door features traditional construction and colorful custom finishes to add a touch of fashion to your home.

3. The heavier and stronger soundproof doors are most suitable for studios, recording studios and any commercial space that requires heavy soundproof doors. The frame itself is made of the best quality solid wood, and the internal foam board will not be compressed due to weight or traffic, ensuring its long service life. If necessary, the door can also be equipped with a lock. You may never notice it, but a cheap soundproof door may be your best friend. You can install one on the door of almost any room to improve its acoustic effect, increase privacy and create a more comfortable living environment. Just follow these simple tips to get started.

4. Our soundproof door provides you with the same excellent insulation and soundproof effect as our other door types, but also adds a frame to create a classic and luxurious appearance. Including all the functions of our standard doors and windows, it is the best of its kind. By installing sound proof doors, avoid unnecessary noise disturbing the tranquility of the home. It has high quality insulation and structure to reduce noise transmission between rooms. The door is made of solid wood, which is durable and easy to install. Soundproof door is a door that can significantly block or absorb the sound passing through it. Soundproof doors are usually used to separate rooms with different purposes or functions, such as family rooms or offices.

5. If you want to make your house sound proof, this sound proof door is ideal. This inexpensive solution is one of the best ways to project your privacy and stop unwanted noise. This door will help you create a perfect environment to relax, sleep or work quietly.



Frequency (Hz) Airborne sound insulation (dB) Test Result
100 31.1 decorative soundproof panels
125 35.4
160 30.7
200 30.0
250 31.2
315 33.5
400 33.5
500 33.3
630 33.6
800 35.5
1000 36.8
1250 37.7
1600 38.2
2000 40.7
2500 42.3
3150 42.5
4000 43.7
5000 45.4



decorative soundproof panels



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Q1: What about the lead time?

Small quantity 1~50 sets need about 7~14 days, big quantity needs about 20 days for order quantity more than 50 sets, special customized products will be based on the difficulty.

Q2: Do you have any MOQ limit for acoustic panel order?

We produce based on the order requirements, no MOQ required.

Q3: Are you a trading company or a factory?

We produce customzed wooden acoustic products, operable wall and silent pod only, others are trading, the important things is if we could provide you the same competitive price, quality and good service.

Q4: Sample policy

Free of charge for sample and courier: Only when specific product and project details are available, and drawings that we can analyse for the customized product, free of change for the first time, A4 size sample.

Free of charge for sample: No specific product and project in hands, only interested in having physical samples in hands, we can provide standard sample free of charge, customer should bear the freight cost, customized product will charge extra as well.






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