Sound Insulation Board
foam soundproof panels manufacturer, Custom hanging soundproof panels, recording studio soundproof panels wholesale
foam soundproof panels manufacturer, Custom hanging soundproof panels, recording studio soundproof panels wholesale
  • foam soundproof panels manufacturer, Custom hanging soundproof panels, recording studio soundproof panels wholesale
  • foam soundproof panels manufacturer, Custom hanging soundproof panels, recording studio soundproof panels wholesale

Sound Insulation Board

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Sound insulation board is a modern, extensively tested building material used in construction. It is made from a mixture of magnesium oxide (MGO), non organic minerals, bonders and fiber mesh composites.
Sound insulation board is completely free of toxins, including formaldehyde, silica, asbestos, heavy metals and organic solvents. It's highly resistant to fire, doesn't retain water, termite proof and strong.
Sound insulation board has extensive applications in contruction for residential and commercial properties. It is also of particular interest to those renovating or repairing homes where either plasterboard gypsum style linings or other kinds of high maintenance products have been used.

Sound insulation panel is 8 to 10 times stronger than plasterboard reducing loss and breakage. It is also less expensive and lighter in weight than compressed fiber panels. Due to its material properties, it will not break down or warp in water, therefore less replacement require after flooding, simply clean, sand and repaint.
Additionally, it's resistant to mold and mildew, blocks noise with a high acoustic value for 10mm board.
Usually the sound insulation board is composite, with a damping layer in between to increase its sound insulation value.


1. The sound insulation board structure can reach average 48dB when installed properly.
2. It's made of MGO, which is Class A fire retardant and E1 environmental friendly, this kind of board is 100% recyclable, of no interest to ants and pests, completely termite proof.
3. The board is waterproof, heat resistant, suitable for the high humidity environment.
4. The board is strong against impact, will not explode even when crushed.
5. The sound insulation board can be easily cut and saw, and suitable for many kinds of decorative materials to be installed on it.


Subject Test Result
Density (Specific Mass) 1,000 kg/m3 (±<2%)
Compressive Strength 20 Mpa (3,000 PSI)
Impact Resistance >6 KJ/m2
Tensile Strength >5.5 Mpa
Moisture Absorption 26% maximum saturation (slow absorption rate)
Moisture Content 6%
Water Vapour Diffusion 28/35
Specific Heat 930 J/KgK
Thermal Conductivity 0.44 W/mK
Modulus of Elasticity 6045 N/mm2
Flexibility UNI E 12372 20.1 N/mm2 maximum 12mm×1220×2440=10 N/mm2
Surface Alkalinity 10 Ph
Thermal Expansion Hot/Cold 0.01 mm/mC (from temp +20℃ to  -20℃)


Product introduction:

Our soundproof panels help you isolate the sound from your home theater or Bookshelf Speakers while still allowing the sound to pass through without adding weight. The best part is that they are very easy to install. Unlike other materials such as drywall and carpet, our soundproof panels do not require custom cutting or assembly. All you have to do is put them between the speaker and the wall, and then insert the screws into the slot on the back of the board. It's really that simple!

Product features:

1. The sound insulation panel is a kind of sound insulation material that can absorb noise and emit it back to the air. It can be installed on walls, ceilings, floors and other suitable surfaces to block unwanted noise in homes and offices. It is very suitable for offices, schools, dormitories, recording studios, apartments and so on! Soundproof panel is a unique, high-performance and cost-effective soundproof material with excellent sound absorption and damping performance. Its high compressive strength and dimensional stability at high temperatures make it an ideal choice for many injection molding applications.

2. Sound insulation board is necessary for acoustic engineering. It can create a more comfortable room by improving the structure. The sound insulation board is made of high-quality materials, which is durable, light and easy to install. It also has a textured surface that helps capture sound waves to reduce echo and improve sound quality.

3. Sound insulation panel is an ideal solution for building builders, decorators and home decorators to find excellent sound insulation solutions that are easy to install. This lightweight, low-cost sound-absorbing panel will isolate your wall with minimal impact on space and cost. The soundproof panel forms a solid barrier between the noise source and the occupied space, which can not only improve the comfort, but also block unnecessary noise.

4. Sound insulation board is a kind of light, flexible and cost-effective sound-absorbing material. High density particleboard core has excellent damping characteristics, which can improve the acoustic performance of the surface. This versatile material can be used on both sides to provide acoustic advantages for partitions, ceilings, roofs and internal partitions. Soundproof panels are very suitable for use in high noise environments and can significantly reduce the noise between two rooms. Coarse glass fiber cotton and medium density glass fiber core can be waterproof, anticorrosive and insect proof. Acoustic panels are usually used on the floor or suspended from the ceiling as acoustic panels.

5. Soundproof panel is very suitable for any industry. This is a high-performance muffler extruded from vinyl plate. Its bright white surface makes it easy to paint and decorate according to your specific taste. Since the product also has excellent heat and sound insulation performance, no additional sound insulation materials are required. Soundproof board is a simple and quick way to reduce indoor noise. The soundproof panel contains mineral wool (similar to glass fiber), which can be used as a substitute for glass fiber or cotton. Use sound insulation materials as sound barriers for homes and businesses to reduce noise, absorb sound and prevent fire. This product is sold as a straight leg and installed in the same way as plywood or tile.



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