XL Silent Booth

XL Silent Booth

With industry-leading acoustics, powerful ventilation, and flexible design, sunwood XL Pod is the ideal place to co-create, brainstorm and meet together.

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Sea freight
Supply Ability:
20 set per Day
Oval Series
6 Person
Core Material
Honeycomb Aluminum Sheet
Tempered Glass
Pure Color or Wood Grain
Fire Rating
Class A
12V Power Supply x 2
Meeting Pod/Chatting Room/Drum Set Training


Sunwood XL-Pod is the large size soundproof room designed for 4~6 people

With industry-leading acoustics, powerful ventilation, and flexible design, sunwood XL Pod is the ideal place to co-create, brainstorm and meet together.

Oval XL.jpg

The soundproof office meeting room for teams up to 6 people

Up to six person  👤👤👤👤👤👤
Soundproof office phone booth  🔇
Speech privacy and perfect acoustics  👂
Automatic ventilation  💨
Useful and practical furniture layouts  🛋

Optimal meeting space for office and hybrid meetings
Sunwood Acoustic XL Pod is a modern and compact meeting room. We have standard furniture layout option available to choose, or you can use our pod without furniture and design your own furniture layout. Even we can add display and modify further to support all kinds of meeting needs. 

Perfect meeting room environment
Sunwood Acoustic XL Pod is perfect for information sharing and decision making meetings. It meets all the meeting room requirements.

Ideal for creative and casual meetings
Sunwood Acoustic XL Pod is a perfect set-up for creative and coordination meetings. The interior remain undisturbed and casual furniture set-up relaxed atmosphere.

Oval XL Pod Banner 650 x 240.jpg


Exterior size
2210 mm x 2188 mm x  2288mm (D x W x H)
87 in x 86.1 in x 90.1 in (D x W x H)
– With trolley system extra 10 cm / 3.9 in in height

Interior size
2100 mm x 2056 mm x 2156 mm (D x W x H)
82.7 in x 80.9 in x 84.9 in (D x W x H)

610 kg
1345 lb



Exterior panels
Painted aluminum honeycomb panel

10mm tempered glass
Sound control laminated glass (4 mm + 4 mm / 0.16 in + 0.16 in)
Double glazed system  (5mm + 12A + 5mm / 0.87 in)

Heavy duty aluminum structure with powder coat, can withstand direct sunlight, scratch resistant

A few door handle options – including digital lock, glass door can be framless and framed door.

Oval S Pod Exterial 650 x 240.jpg



Interior walls and roof
Double layers of aluminum honeycomb sandwich sound insulation structure, recycled acoustic foam and acoustic felt, sound insulation matt

An anti-static and stain resistant low loop pile carpet for interior floor

HPL on plywood with PVC banding, sufficiant for any size of laptop

Furniture layout
With standard furniture layouts, display bracket is optional, whiteboard is also available.
Framery 2Q is available also without furniture and further modification.

XL Pod Interior 650 x 240.jpg

Full meeting room in a pod

-  Speech privacy assured
-  Optimized work lighting and ventilation
-  Ideal for any type of meetings
-  Furniture layout is optional for a practical meeting room or further modifications

Fully equipped modern meeting room
With standard furniture layout as an option (including power outlets and LAN port), display bracket is available, and a variety of colors to choose for the exterior panels and the seating. Speech privacy, automatic work lighting and ventilation enable the best meeting room experience. Additionally, Sunwood XL Pod can be modificated further making it wheelchair accessible. Also we are welcome any special request, without needing any MOQ, flexible to the customization, followings are some of the demonstration:
-  Digital Door Lock  📽 (Watch video from Youtube)
-  Motion Sensor  📽 (Watch video from Youtube)
-  Trolley System  📽 (Watch video from Youtube)
-  Smart Glass System  📽 (Watch video from Youtube)
-  For more special request welcome to  ✉️ contact us directly or refer to our  📙 product catalogue.

 Accessories 650 x 240.jpg


Speech level reduction
30dB (measured according to ASTM E596 - 1996 & ASTM E413 -2016)

Parameters meet all the indicators, qualified emission

Fire Rating
Class A (accordance with ASTM E84-15a)
Fire classification: B-s1, d0 (accordance with EN 13501-1:2018)


Lighting and ventilation

LED light: 4000 K and 300 lux

Total airflow
57.8 l/s, 121 CFM (205.7 m³/h)

Ventilation 650 x 240(1).jpg


Power consumption
29 W while in use (Standard configuration)
LED light: 14 W
Fans in total: 15 W
0.8 W in standby mode
Input: 100–240 VAC, 8.0 A, 50–60 Hz

Socket outlets
Power socket (According to the country)
Optional: LAN port (CAT-6)

Output values
Output VAC (power socket): 100–240 VAC, 6.6 A, 50–60 Hz
Output USB (TUF) charging:
Maximum combined output of 5 A at 5 VDC (25 W)

Socket 650 x 240(1).jpg



Time: What is the production time?
The production time for the silent pod is about 10~14 days, if there's any further special requirements, there would be about 3~4 weeks based on the specific details.

Packing: How will the product be packed?
The acoustic pods will be packed in a plywood box for exportation and will be shipped unassembled.

Packing Factory 650 x 495(1).jpg

Delivery: What is the delivery term?
Our standard price is based on EXW term, we can do other terms like FOB, CIF and DDP etc. Please feel free to inform us your requirement on the delivery.

MOQ: Do you have any MOQ limit for the order?
We don't require any MOQ for ordering as well as the customized request, but price will be based on the order qty. If you wish to DIY your own, please inform us your requirements, we will suggest the suitable solution accordingly, and check for the feasibility.

Installation: How to install the Acoustic Pod?
The shipment comes with all the necessary tools for assembly; no special tools or specialists are required. We have an instruction manual and  📽 videos from YouTube showing step-by-step instructions. The installation usually takes about 2 hours.

Warranty: What is your warranty policy?
Our warranty term details please refer to the last page of our  📙 product catalogue.

Payment: What is your terms of payment?
If the order quantity is small, can transfer the full payment for the fast delivery. And when the total amount is large, we can also accept partial deposit for production and remaining balance before shipping.

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